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Step by Step


We want to ensure that you get care as fast as possible. Our system is designed to make everything flow smoothly and to make everything easy for you.

First, your physician will determine, based off your activities of daily living (ADL’s), a plan of care that is designed to better your quality of life by focusing on areas where you need the most assistance. Our RN will receive the approval from your physician which will allow our agency to begin the process of reviving your day to day living.

Next, the RN will call and arrange a time to come to your home and personally introduce herself and begin developing a relationship with you. At that time you and the RN will discuss your wants and needs so that, with your help, she can devise a plan of care which is customized to your specific wishes and dependencies.

Once you are completely satisfied with the plan of care that you and the RN devised, our care coordinator will pair you and a caregiver in your area that she feels will best match your personality and level of care needed based off the RN’s assessment and recommendations.

You and your caregiver will then be the ones to more intricately design the plan of care by setting schedules. Our caregivers are independently contracted by our agency to provide care to our clients and will follow all HIPPA and Medicaid policies. Caregivers will always treat you and your home with the utmost respect. We consider it an honor for you to have chosen our agency to serve as the liaison between you and the caregiver. Any time a member of our staff or one of our compassionate caregivers is in your home, we are guests and are there for your benefit and will be completely dedicated to you.

Each caregiver we present and you choose to accept will be completely informed of all the requirements of your specific plan of care. He or she will accept a contract to provide such care for a period of 62 days minimum, at which time their contract will be reevaluated based off input from the client, the caregiver, and the RN.

We do not consider you a “job” - you are a relationship. We encourage you at any time to discuss the level of care with your caregiver or a member of our office staff. Changes can then be made, if necessary, to ensure you are pleased with the relationship and the quality of care you are receiving.


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